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8 weeks Foundation Course for fresh beginners.

This course covers an in-depth introduction to all the basic asanas, pranayamas and meditation.  Each 2 hours session teaches the fundamentals and foundation learning, through lyengar and Hatha yoga.

This course is catered to those who would like to get to know more about yoga asanas and their benefits. Be you a fresh beginner with no or little knowledge, or a seasoned yoga practitioner who wants to go deeper into the poses. After 8 sessions, you can expect to have a deep understanding of the correct alignment of each pose taught.


Come join us for 8 weeks in exploring the potential and limitations of your body. Yoga is conventionally misunderstood to be about flexibility; in reality it is about a deep understanding about the body's capacity and boundaries.

You will learn:

- Meditation

- Yoga Asanas (Poses)

- Basic Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

- Basic Philosophy

- Body Awareness

- Self Awareness

"Be where you are, not where you think you should be".  

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