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It's hard to review this as a yoga class as it's a lot more than that for me. Beneath the usual perfecting of headstands and handstands, is that training and understanding of the body, mind and soul. I started this class with that eagerness to achieve that picture perfect handstand for my I too, but instead I've received a lot more than a photograph. To be honest, Ollie's classes were never easy, it demands full dedication, discipline and wholeheartedness, but the Shavasanas, were always rewarding. Still don't have that photo after a year, but I've learnt to become a calmer and better being. I've also come to realised that there was never a need for that photograph.

What distinguishes Ollie's class from those numerous I have subscribed, is the clarity of instruction, the precision of correct postures and most important even in a small class, the individualized attention given to each of us. Conducive environment, quality equipment and lots of enthusiasm albeit peace and enlightenment. Strongly recommend, a five star session.

Chen Hongwen

Alfred Chan

A great place for yoga for beginners to pros and anywhere in between. Ollie has a great style and rigorous teaching methodology, and takes into account our distinct abilities to guide and challenge us. He is immensely in tune with his students and generally pushes us to our personal limits. He's an excellent communicator and prompts feedback in areas in which we need improvement. His classes are often well paced, allowing ample time and space for us to develop and crystallise our yoga practice during each session. I personally appreciate his emphasis on equilibrium. The studio itself is a peaceful and cosy space amidst a vibrant location that anchors me every week. Thank you for your tireless efforts and guidance, Ollie!

I've enjoyed learning yoga with Ollie over the last couple of years. Despite me being overgrown and full of imbalances caused by powerlifting, I have progressed through the beginner and intermediate stages, movements and transitions. Ollie is a attentive teacher who won't push you beyond your limits, instead focusing on working with the limits of our bodies. There's a meditative component, also keeping good humour amongst students.

Quintasya Afridi

Oliver S

I have completed 12 sessions of beginner 1.1 with Ollie. It was much more than learning just the asanas with alignment. The space and guidance he has given us, allows us to progress and even breakthrough in one way or another unknowingly with awareness individually. He is strict with our alignments, however kind with us when we devote our best in our consistent practice. This motivates me to continue practicing yoga with him in all levels to keep learning, exploring, experiencing with deeper understanding in connecting my body to the asanas. Simply loving it.


Ollie always make sure what you do is the best for you. He understands Yoga philosophy well. He knows the limitations, as well as the potentials, of his students' body, and mind. He is the teacher, the mentor, and the loving friend.

Sunny Li

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